Ionic 2 list avoid accidental click while scrolling

Hi Team,

In the following contacts list in iOS 10 device, while doing infinite scrolling, many times the click event gets fired and the contact detail page gets displayed.

  <ion-content class="contacts-page-content">
      <button ion-item *ngFor="let contact of contacts | async" (click)="showContactDetails(contact)" text-wrap class="contacts">
          <ion-avatar item-left>
          <h2 class="contact-name">{{contact.firstName}} {{contact.lastName}}</h2>
          <h4 ion-text color="grayText">{{contact.jobTitle}}</h4>
          <h3 class="contact-supplier" *ngIf="contact.supplierName">{{contact.supplierName}}</h3>
    <ion-infinite-scroll (ionInfinite)="pullMoreContacts($event)">
          loadingText="Loading more contacts...">

Is there anyway the click while scrolling can be avoided? Any help is greatly appreciated.



I have this problem too.

Same problem here ! Any solution found ?

The reported issue still there. I tried using Tap instead of click, it has reduced the accidental clicks. But still it opens the detail page few times.

As I never get any response from ionic forum, I’ve posted the same question in stackoverflow and got some responses. Please visit the following thread for more details;