Ionic 2 / Ionic 3 Error in IOS production build on xcode emulator (safari browser errors)

Hello Ionic Team, i am building an app in ionic 3 latest version, app got successfully built on ios and deployed on device too but getting weird errors while navigating to complex lists,
These errors : &
also for this below error :
RefernceError : Can’t find variable : Intl , i have added this
<script src=""></script>
as solution but Reference error is still there…

Help will be appreciated regarding these three errors…

I think you should start with the first one and work your way down, quite probably there are some follow up errors.
So why is it trying to load /js/SocialSharing.js? Does this exist? Should this exist?

How did you build your app?
Did you test your app with ionic serve in the browser?

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Thank you first of all for responding.
Yes it works perfect on serve and even on android platform.
But as i built it for ios, i started getting those errors.
Do you think is it because of Socialsharing.js?

This causes the first error you have in the screenshot. I assume this error shouldn’t be there, so investigate why it is. Does this file exist on Android?

Yes that file exists for android… and Social Sharing plugin is compatible with IOS too as per documentation…
During ionic serve this Socialsharing.js error shows up, but works perfect well on Android device, so it should work on IOS emulator as well, i guess.
Anyways i will try a built after removing that Socialsharing.js from index.html …
Anything else you think that might be wrong?

There normally should be no errors at all, ever. Remove the plugin and see if this fixes the problem, if not we can work from there and see what else could go wrong and why.