Ionic 2 grid with draggable and resizable

Hi all.
I have a question. I read about flexbox and found some examples close to gridster library.
The main idea - use it to tune “dashboard” by user.
Features needed: snap to grid, resizable, draggable, collapsable, auto alligment, swapping

All I found use JQuery but I hope I can avoid direct DOM manipulation.
Will it cause issues in dom structure based on Ionic grid system?
It is good idea to do it via ionic-angular. - hope use it with FlexBox grid… but it partly solution

Here is a list with libs I found.

I like - looks good, but use JQuery too maybe, I dont know is it possible conflict angular-ionic with React? - for some dashboard maybe useful but need autosize and collapsable

Also commerce

For example I use Dragula to drag and drop multibox goal.
Is it possible? Maybe someone know how to do it?
Thx in advance :v:

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hey buddy how did this go?