Ionic 2 - device performance

Hey there,

I just cloned an ionic 2 template app from github: ionic-conference-app,
without change any code on the clean template i ran for debug the app on my phone (LG G3 - android), and the performance were really bad, its kinda laggy when im swiping between slides/tabs, any tap on button/settings/filters there’s a 500ms delay, and its not that smooth as i expected to…

I’m wondering if did i do something wrong or there’s a technology that can improve the performance.
Already tried to use Crosswalk but it didn’t improve anything.

Have to say that when i’m debugging the app on chrome in mobile mode, its running excellent without any lags problems and as smooth as i expected to.

Thank you guys,

No one have an idea?

Are you sure you are not doing an heavy or slow processing at the same thread of the ui when tap? Something like maked an AJAX call or iterating over a huge number of elements?

Same here, one of the devs implied that beta10 broke animations.

So maybe downgrade to beta9 or wait for beta11 :slight_smile:

LG G3 can have Android OS, v4.4.2, up to v6.0, what’s the version of your phone? If it’s 4.4.2, it seems only to be expected. I’ve seen quite some threads in this forum talking about this, crosswalk helps in some of those cases.

Make sure your phone has USB debugging switched on and while connected, make sure android
isn’t doing heavy task behind the scene. Use chrome://inspect to observe the DOM of the app, do some profiling. That’ll tell you something a bit more specific other than “slow”.

Actually nope, you can see the source code here:

there’s just 4 tabs and some slides, reading from json file and displaying it on some lists.
no AJAX calls or huge num of elements - just some slides + 3 tabs of lists and 1 tab for map, not something too heavy.

are you still seeing the same results?

This is worrying without having official response from the Ionic team