Ionic 2 - Convert Json date to string

How to convert JSON date from REST


to string format dd/MM/yyyy

Three years ago:

I would highly recommend using moment.js for all your date handling.

…but now:

I consider date-fns a much better choice. Lighter and does not require a dedicated object.


Create a new date from the milliseconds

let today = new Date(1480525200000);   

let dd = today.getDate();
let mm = today.getMonth()+1; //January is 0!
let yyyy = today.getFullYear();

let sdd; let smm; let stoday;
if(10>dd) {sdd='0'+dd;} else{sdd=dd;} 
if(10>mm) {smm='0'+mm;} else{smm=mm;} 

stoday =  sdd + '/' + smm + '/' + yyyy ;

good luck

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