Date object from string in dd:MM:yyyy format

Hi, i got problem in my with converting date string into date object. I get date string from backend in dd:MM:yyyy hh:MM:ss format. Is there any easy way to create date object out of it? When i use new Date() and this string from backend, it creates wrong object with days and months switched. Any ideas?

Use Moment.js. When it comes to date the package is just so much better

First, run the command

npm install moment --save

Then, on the page that you want to use moment, import the library with

import Moment from 'moment'

From there, any date String u have (let say sth like dd:MM:yyyy), you can just convert it to a javascript date object with

let dateString = "22-04-2017"; //whatever date string u have
let dateObject = moment(dateString, "DD-MM-YYYY").toDate();

Could be a long step, but momentJS is such a flexible tool to calculate date difference, to add/minus days/hours/weeks and converting between string, moment and date object is so convenient that i stick with it


or use which is lighter than momentjs


or if you could modify your backend, why not not transmiting date as string but as time (numeric) values

new Date().getTime()

Dang…Thanks for letting me know of a lighter alternative for date management in JS~

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No worries, both libs have their own advantages :wink:

Thx for answers, i solved it by changing the format in backend. But these solutions seems good too :smiley: Question is which way is more elegant :slight_smile:

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