Ionic 2 bluetooth serial problem

i installed bluetooth serial cordova plug in my project
but when i write

    function() {
        console.log("Bluetooth is enabled");
    function() {
        console.log("Bluetooth is *not* enabled");

isEnabled give following error
"Property ‘isEnabled’ does not exist on type ‘typeof BluetoothSerial’. "

i used following commands to install plug as documentation said

$ ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-bluetooth-serial
$ npm install --save @ionic-native/bluetooth-serial maybe?

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You are using pre-ionic-native-v3 syntax, yet installing ionic-native v3 shims. As of native-v3, you no longer call any methods on plugin types, as the compiler is politely telling you. Instead, you inject an object of type BluetoothSerial in your constructor and call methods on it instead.