Ionic 2 Beta 8 - can't open Modal from Google Map marker click callback

In my scenario I have markers on a map and I would like to be able to click a marker to view further details about it in a material design bottom sheet kind of way. The only way I can think of trying to achieve this is to use the Ionic Modal component and change its CSS to fit half the screen.

After attempting this it seems that the modal won’t open from the callback of the marker click (see plunker example here), can anybody explain why it isn’t working or if I am doing something wrong?

Or even better, do you know an alternate way to create these bottom sheets?

Turns out that the marker callback needed to be executed inside of NgZone.

marker.addListener('click', () => { => {

This made me crazy, just need to change a variable in a callback of a click event of the map… my view wont update.
It work with ngZone you saved my day thanks!