Ionic 2 app scrolls on smaller screens

I am relatively new to Ionic 2 and am wondering about how to make my app scale with screen size. I am designing an Ionic 2 page on my app using the grid system (ion-row, ion-col, etc.) and have originally designed my app for an iPhone 6. When I run the app on an iPhone 4 emulator, my app begins to scroll, as the lowest button on the page falls below the screen. I would like the iPhone 4 view to be a scaled down version of the iPhone 6 view so that it fits on one page without the need to scroll. What is the best way for me to tackle this issue? Thanks.

Solved my own issue - use viewport-related CSS to position page content as a function of screen size. If all page content is visible on a smaller screen and scrolling still appears, apply

scroll-content {
    overflow-y: hidden;

to prevent scrolling on overflow in the vertical direction.

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