Ionic 2 Any Storage i can work with Browser, Ionic View and Native Device?

is there any Storage i can work with Ionic View aswell with Browser and Native Device?
I know there is the Cordova Plugin for Native Storage but this Plugin dont work in Browser and in Ionic View.
But im working a lot with Storage in my App and it need to much time always to build an apk and ipa to Test if the Code is working.
I hope you can help me. :slight_smile:

You can use Ionic’s ‘Storage’ object. This will choose the storage option automatically depending on if the user is using a browser or installed as an app. It will use SQLite if its available via cordova - or IndexedDB in the browser.
You could also use IndexedDB via a library such as Dexie - the IndexedDB is always available regardless of the app host… it is a web app after all…
Another option is to use Firebase, This has a disconnected capability.

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Ionics Storage sloved this in my case thank you :slight_smile:

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Wait a second… Does “Storage” work in ionic View? It’s not listed in plugins (scroll to the plugins section)

However in the Doc’s, it says that Storage is included by default in all ionic 2 >=RC0 releases:

So the question is: Could you please confirm that Storage works in View?