Ionic 2, Angular 2 and Dart

Hi Guys, 1 question.

The Ionic Framework 2 will use the Angular 2. Then, Will we be enable use DartLang for develop our apps in the same way that we can use with Angular 2?


Probably not.
While dart is a cool technology, we’ll be writing ionic2 in es6 and hopefully typescript

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Hi mhartington, thank you for your response.

1 more question. The angular2 will be using typescript for developing the framework. But they will generate the js and dart version with the same code.

The Ionic 2 could make the same? Or start with the typescript version and permit in the future that the community create the way to transforme the typescript code to dart.

What you think?

Well since dart is now going to be compile to js only (no dart VM in any browser) there doesn’t seem to be a reason to use dart IMO.

Typescript is really going to just be the type annotations in javascript, white are helpful at dev time, then removed at build time. The big change is writing in es6 vs es5. From our stand point, it doesn’t makes sense to write es6, compile to dart, then compile to es5. Why not just compile right to es5?

Another issue you would have is working with cordova code.
Can you even use regular js code in dart?

For us, it will just be easier to not focus on dart.

Yep, absolutely no dart support. The future is ES6+7/typescript/etc.