Ionic @2.2.3 - Cannot start Ionic v1 app


I’ve been working on my Ionic v1 app, and I updated my Ionic by ‘mistake’, and all my Ionic was completely broken.

I managed to install Ionic v2.2.3, but my ‘gulp-sass’ of my project gives a lot of mistakes.

So I decided create a new project and import all my ‘www’ folder, and install plugins and platforms again.

$ionic start AppName only installs me Ionic v2 app template:

Ceating an Ionic 2.x app in C:… based on the tabs template.

How can I tell to the CLI, Install me a blank/tabs template from Ionic v1??

I work with AngularJS, not with TypeScript. Thank you!



Thank you Sujan12 for your patience =’)


Not reading the docs strains this patience a lot :stuck_out_tongue: