Ionic 2.0.0 Browser Not Reflecting Changes of Liveload

Late yesterday I updated Ionic CLI to 2.0.0 as prompted to when I went to build my project for android. Since updating liveload acknowledges when I’ve made changes to project files as the relevant files are listed out when running ionic serve, but they’re not getting loaded in the browser or on an iPhone and Android phone when I test. Everything that’s displayed is how my project looked right up until I updated to 2.0.0.

I’ve tried running sudo npm install -g ionic again, emptying the browser cache, removing iOS and Android platforms then re-adding them again and I’ve simply tried restarting my computer. None of this has sadly worked.

Aside from the ionic.project file which I renamed to ionic.config.json as prompted to after updating I have only tried to make simple changes to html files, so I’m completely baffled as to why it’s not updating correctly to reflect changes.

Any help would be much appreciated!