Ionic 1 suitable for ecommerce or contents type apps?


Hi everyone,

I would like to check. Is ionic 1 suitable for app which needs to pull lots of contents via internet? example, ecommerce type of app, social newsfeeds, etc.

I saw apps like sworkit, believed it’s preloaded (tested on air flight mode and i could see the contents).

I am building an app which i need to constantly pull data via rest calls.

I am concern whether ionic 1 is suitable to handle such a load.

Some apps on the appstore are quite slow. Some keep loading and loading, etc. Looks like a webview app.

Note: I am not into ionic 2 until it goes to stable state.

Should I opt for nativescript or truly native? like how facebook moves from hyrbid to native?

Note: I won’t have fb voluum for sure. But I want to ensure ionic 1 (or webview) is suitable for such cases.

Any ionic apps that’s on ecommerce related?



Yes it is very suitable for it…Try ionic am sure you wont regret doing so