Can we make big application in ionic


I am trying to build a large application in ionic for ios and android.

Back end is already written in Mysql + nodejs

My application does following

  1. Login
  2. Fetch All Categories for particular user. ( about 200 categories for each user)
  3. Fetch all data associated with that Category.(about 1000 records for each category)
  4. Offline Access of data

I found similar app was there like My app will do similar kind of tasks.

Can anybody tell me how to do start for this kind of app.


Yes, it can be done. I have been making apps which do this kind of work. Make sure that you keep somethings in mind:

  1. Use native transitions plugin: this is particularly required for Android fragmentation.This is must have.

  2. Use collection-repeat for large lists as it is more efficient. Use js scrolling for android with collection repeat as native android scrolling does not work with it

  3. Use pouchDb + sqlite plugin for large offline data. Sqlite is slow in operations so use promises provided by pouchDb

  4. Don’t use crosswalk as it increases the size by 20MB and is not compatible with most cordova plugins

  5. Use WKWebview on iOS, if possible & if required, via the telerik plugin


Hello Gaurav,

Thanks for your reply. Getpocket app is doing something much better while fetching data from server. Like in top it is showing retrieving list and downloading stuff and application is much smoother.

Also how we can auto sync data ?


Showing a message is trivial and very easy. That depends on the code.

Application is smoother for getpocket as it has native apps for platforms. It is not a hybrid app as far as I know.

If you need auto sync, use firebase or couch base as the data store on the server side. nic raboy’s blog has a tutorial on this.

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