Ionic 1 src and www

i use ionic1 sometimes to build small apps,as its very fast and easy to build apps than ionic2. but the source and build folder i ionic 1 is the only www folder unlike ionic2 it has src as working folder and www for output, i do some gulp task manually to minify and obfuscate my codes after the building process, so i move all www folder to a different folder and the gulp output folder to www folder to build my app again. i would like to ask whether it is possible for me to automate the process lke configuring gulp with ionic before building?

  1. i want to rename www to folder to src (wht r the changes needed) to make it working folder like www
  2. when ionic serve i want to use the src folder
    3 when i run cordova build, i want configure gulp task and the src folder contents need to be copied to a www folder.

i know the whole process is done automatically in ionic2, but in my case i use ionic1, some one can guide me or share some good links… thanks…

I have the same question. Haven’t been able to find a solution till now

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