Ionic 1.0 build android offline

Hi, I recently updated to ionic 1.0 “uranium-unicorn”, everything runs fine but nows it builds android using gradle. I work in a place where due to several reasons I’m offline most of the time, so anyone can point me on a solution to build ionic on android offline?

After the first time when it downloads all the dependencies the gradle build should work offline, no?

Yes, that how it should work, but in my case it downloads the dependencies and works fine and even when I disconnect from the web it works offline too but after a while if I try to build my app it tries to connect to maven and cause I’m offline it throws an error and doesn’t build at all but if I’m connected it doesn’t download anything and builds with the previously downloaded dependencies. So what I need is a way to make it build offline with the downloaded dependencies but without checking on maven. Could it be related to my environment config?, I’m new with gradle and maybe is a config issue I’ve missed.

Looks like Gradle has a local cache period and when that expires it checks the remote repositories again. You could try configuring that cache, or settting this global offline switch, in platforms/android/build.gradle.

Yes that’s what I was looking for, thank you very much man you helped me a lot