IonDateTime detecting time value change?

I have the issue where the IonDateTime picker components onIonChange function only gets called when the date value is changed, not the time value. Is there any way to have a picker with the presentation of “time” only, and detect the value changing?

Thanks for the help in advance, below is my current component:

<IonItem class="ion-margin">
          <IonInput id="trip-time" value={currentLocation.start} />
          <IonButton fill="clear" id="open-time-input1">
            Start Time
          <IonPopover trigger="open-time-input1" showBackdrop={false}>
              onIonChange={(ev) => {

Whats Ionic version are you working with? If it is not v6, check this out:

Seems I am already on Ionic v6. CLI version 6.18.1, framework ionic/react 6.1.7
Any other ideas?