ionBreakpointDidChange not firing event

I’m on Ionic Vue 6.2.4 and I’m not able to listen to events from the sheet modal.
This is my code, but the event is not outputting the console log.

onMounted(async () => {
    const sheetModal = await modalController.create({
        component: ListModal,
        breakpoints: [0.1, 0.5, 1],
        initialBreakpoint: 0.1,
        backdropDismiss: false,
        cssClass: "list-modal",
        backdropBreakpoint: 0.1,
        componentProps: {
    sheetModal.addEventListener('ionBreakpointDidChange', ev => {
        console.log('breakpoint changed', ev);
    // Append it to ion-content so sheet modal does not overlap tab bar.
    const content = document.getElementById('ion-content');
    if (content) content.appendChild(sheetModal);
    await sheetModal.present();
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Same issue happens in Angular with latest version of ionic

This seems to be a bug of ionic/vue and ionic/react. I was able to reproduce this behavior.
On ionic/angular it works as expected.




Please create an issue, so it can be addressed!

progress on issue can be found here

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