Sheet modal how to allow manipulation of the layer under the modal


I am creating simple calendar app and I would love to use new features from v6, like sheet modals for creating events modals (same as google calendar). I would like the user not to have to close the modal to scroll the calendar.

I don’t know if it’s even possible since i set: backdropDismiss: false, showBackdrop: false, Bottom layer is covered by ion-modal component, so tried to change height of the modal using cssClass property, but i dont know how not to spoil the sheet behavior :slight_smile:
Have any of you done this before?

Have you updated to v6.0.9 that was released yesterday?

Release notes:

  • modal: backdropBreakpoint allows interactivity behind sheet (#24798) (fca3f56), closes #24797
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Thanks for your message, after quick update all works great :slight_smile:

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