ionBooking Theme v1.4 - Completely Refactored!

Hi everybody,
today we are re-releasing ionBooking Theme after 6 months of its first release, and now in its version 1.4.

It has been completely refactored, now it has IonicPage / Deeplinking, PWA version integrated in a single theme (2 in 1) with exclusive scripts to build for web.

Better than ever and totally revamped, now ionBooking is a more complete and performatic theme.

Check out our changelog below and learn more about the changes:

- Completely refactored
- Modules and Dependencies

  • Angular5 and dependencies was added
  • Ionic Pro SDK

- PWA Separated version was integrated

  • Grid system refactored
  • Split Panel added
  • PWA Configs: PWA Build + Optimization scripts

- Theme Features

  • IonicPage / Deeplinking
  • +8 Extra Pages (available only on Developer license)

See the complete changelog:

If you have already bought the theme, don’t worry, for you it’s just another update and is now available for download.

If you have not already purchased, take advantage of this opportunity by buying for only 19 a single license or 38 for a developer license.

Check it now:

Many thanks for you all, the next refactor will be immediately to other themes: ionProperty and foodIonic! coming soon.

IonicTheme Team

Official post:

ionBooking updated! v1.4.1,
we have updated ionBooking to 1.4.1 version; simple bug fixies, css class added and fit cover to iOS11.

follow below the change log link and know more about:

Know more about, check it now!