ionBooking - Ionic 3 Hotel Booking Theme

Hi everybody! my name is João Firmino, i’m FullStack Javascript Developer and i would like to show my first Ionic 3 paid theme on Ionic Market.

ionBooking is an Hotel Booking reservation theme truly focused in hotels with Rent a Car and Tour Activities flow. Optimized to be performatic at any platform app (Android & iOS) and Web Apps (PWA).


  • 25+ Screens and Actions
  • Truly focused in Hotels
  • Optimized for Mobile platforms (Android & iOS) and PWA.
  • Services and Mock Data samples
  • Ionic 3 Components samples
  • Icon & Splash PSD’s theme samples for iOS & Android
  • Built with Ionic 3 , Angular 4, Cordova ,Sass, Material Design
  • Easy do change color theme with Sass variables

See more:

Demo Video:

Tks All!


Wow, very nice looking.

What does it look like for iOS?

Thanks :smiley:

There’s some differences design specs between Android and iOS, but at Cover presentation image has one error: Android view inside iOS mockup, i trust i’ll make these corrections and publish new images showing both examples.

Hi everyone,

I would like to share for all My #ionic #theme running on Web with best #PWA practices! the results speaks for itself!
soon i will provide it to sell in my ionBooking theme on Ionic Market.

See the tests:

check it! in production:
ionBooking PWA in prod on Web

My theme on Market:
ionBooking - Ionic 3 Hotel Booking Theme

ionBooking Updated to v1.1.0
Now with #ionic #pwa separate version, 2 in 1 theme (platforms + pwa)


- For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  1. CSS Build reduced size and optimized
  2. Ionic CLI and dependencies updated
  3. Hotel detail page changed and update design
  4. Tappable directive fixies
  5. hotfix on Service Work.
  6. hotfix on manifest.json

+ PWA separate version added (Breaking Update!)

  1. App Modules configs for PWA
  2. Home render with columns specs for Desktop
  3. Index.html minify on build generated
  4. Defer and quick load specs for Web/PWA rendering
  5. Build code size optimized (CSS + JS) for better performance at Web/PWA
  6. Build shell script to use combined with NPM
  7. Build shell script to call purify css (reducing more CSS)
  8. SPA configs for Prod (Netlify _headers and _redirects config)
  9. Very well performatic and suitable for PWA projects.

More info on Ionic Market:

Direct link to buy:


Good work - very polished and performant!

I have what I believe to be a missing piece of the puzzle in regards to scrolling on iOS Safari and full screen web app. Have you noticed that the scrolling gets ‘stuck’ sometimes and is a little hard to free up?

I’ve written a little function that can deal with that scenario which if you run the following:

Try browsing to it from your iPhone and notice the scrolling fixed on the ‘Scrolling Example’ section.

Looks fantastic! Congratulations and good work.

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Thanks buddy! i will check and fix it!
you project could be a good deal to improve that, tks for you attention :smiley:

Thanks for that matey.

I might take the time this weekend to make it into a provider which can be imported in via npm.

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Excited to see the improvements :smiley:

ionBooking Updated to v1.1.1
All modules updated, a lot of bug fixies on iOS and some hotfixies.

Oct 4, 2017

- For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  1. All Angular 4 modules updated to v4.4.3
  2. Ionic-angular updated to v3.7.1
  3. iOS touch events bug fixies
  4. iOS inputs and lists bug fixies
  5. iOS tap events on Car and Tour fixies.
  6. hotfix in all components flow on iOS
  7. hotfix on PurifyCSS script (PWA version)

More info on Ionic Market:

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ionBooking Updated to v1.1.2
new update of ionBooking with some bug fixies and adjustments in Login and Register pages.

Oct 13, 2017 (v1.1.2)

- For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  1. Login screen and styles fixies
  2. Register screen and styles fixies
  3. Button group wrapping social buttons
  4. Login and Register spacing adjusts

More info on Ionic Market:


I have created 50 discount coupons ($5 OFF) to buy both versions of theme (Standard and Lite), get it cheap! and enjoy my theme :slight_smile:

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ionBooking Updated to v1.2.0!!
Now i added Angular Form Validation examples in Login and Register page.

Oct 26, 2017 (v1.2.0)

- For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  • Moving Services folder content to Providers (new) and Mocks (new).
  • Change App Module imports.
  • Change Services imports.
  • FormBuilder & FormControl modules added on Theme
  • Login screen Validation inputs added
  • Register screen Validation inputs added
  • Angular Form Validations added on Theme
  • Moving from Legacy Ionic View to New Ionic View (new ID: 29adccd3)

ionBooking Updated to v1.2.1!

Nov 16, 2017 (v1.2.1)

- For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  • New Page: Edit Profile Form.
  • Home shortcut on swipe menu.
  • App.Component for list options.
  • App View edited for list options.
  • Bug fix on input & select on iOS.

Check it!

Direct Buy Link:

#BlackFriday #ionic #ionicframework #themes

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ionBooking Updated to v1.2.2!

Nov 30, 2017 (v1.2.2)

- For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  • New Page: Favorites list.
  • Favorite list shortcut on swipe menu.
  • Favorite Provider and Methods.
  • Hotel Detail with Favorite function working
  • Bug fixies on imports and bind data of providers.

Check it!

Direct Buy Link:

ionBooking Updated to v1.2.3!!!

Dec 19, 2017 (v1.2.3)

- For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  • All modules updated.
  • Ionic Storage Module added and configured.
  • Cordova SQLite added.
  • Search Location is working now with Storage (indexedDB or SQLite).
  • Bug Fix: Pickup and DropOff city on Search Location is working.
  • Bug Fix: Select City on Search Location is working on Trips.

Check it on Ionic Market:

Official link on IonicTheme website:

ionBooking Updated! v1.3.0 - Big Updates!!!

Now ionBooking have 2! new Pages: Favorite List and Booking List, Checkout components and much more, follow below the complete Changelog:

Jan 11, 2018 (v1.3.0) - Big Updates!!!

For all versions (Platforms and PWA)

  • Bug Fixies
  • – Navparams on Hotel Detail
  • – Storage with true reference
  • – Hotel checkout receiving true hotel data
  • – CSS specs and helpers
  • New Components and Page
  • – Checkout card with credit card & paypal form on:
  • — Hotel Checkout
  • — Car Checkout
  • — Trip Checkout
  • – Guests Information
  • — Hotel Checkout
  • — Car Checkout
  • — Trip Checkout
  • – Booking List Page
  • DeepLink test on app.module and Settings Page
  • New Providers and Mock Data

Check it now!!

What about the backend? what is the best hosting option?

Is your app support Arabic language (RTL)?

Can you do customization?