Ion-tabs with has-tabs-top does not work on Android & IOS

Hi guys,

I am having troubles making top tabs (1.0.0 Beta1) working on Android and IOS.

Here the code I use:

<ion-tabs class="tabs-positive tabs-icon-top has-tabs-top tabs-top">

The result on a web browser (Chrome or Firefox) is just fine:

But the result on IOS or Android after build is different (the content is behind the tabs and the tabs are chopped off by the navbar):

Anyone has the same problem? Any way to fix it?

Do you mind posting a codepen? Or could you try it the nightly builds?

Here is a pen but I do not think it could help as the problem only happens on built versions.

I filed an issue with what I believe is the part of code incriminated:

i am also having the same problem…
can anybody explain me how to eradicate it !!!

Similar problems with Material Design things, works fine on Safari and Chrome, but built apps it doesn’t work.