Ion-tab In andorid4.4 and andorid4.3 (below) is not the same performance

i need some help

this is my code

  ion-tab(title='首页', icon='icon ion-ios7-home-outline', icon-on="ion-ios7-home", href='#/home')
  ion-tab(title='精选理财', icon='icon ion-ios7-paper-outline', icon-on="ion-ios7-paper", ui-sref="tab.list")
  ion-tab(title='我的资产', icon='icon ion-ios7-person-outline',
    icon-on="ion-ios7-person", href='#/me', badge="12", badge-style="tabs-positive")
  ion-tab(title='更多', icon='icon ion-ios7-more-outline', icon-on="ion-ios7-more", href='#/more')

Below is a screenshot


Hey there, so the icons are not loading? hmmm, can chance you could do some debugging to see if there are any errors?

You can use this for android 4.3

I use weinre debugging and found

#In Android 4.4

<div class="tabs">

style is

display: flex;
height: 49px;
width: 360px;

#In Android 4.3
style is

display: block;
height: 49px;
width: 360px;

I use the ionic version is 1.0.0-beta.10, installed from the bower

Hm, interesting. Just to make sure, can you test again using the nightly builds?

display: flex; doesn’t seem to work on Android < 4.4. You can write a conditional using ionic.Platform.version() and use the style display: -webkit-box; and that should work. Try that.

That or you could include all the prefixed for webkit

display: -webkit-box;
display: -webkit-flex;
display: flex

That’s right. Thanks! I got it!