Ion-slides Performance Issue

We are using ion-nav inside ion-slide (linked with ion-segment) in order to achieve swipeable feature (like swipeable tabs).

No problems with browsers and android, but when testing with iPad the app starts very slow and then a white to death screen is present knowing that the app is running perfectly on iPhone.

There are about 12 slides viewed at the same time. We tried to present only 3 slides, so the app did not show white screen, but it was very slow!

It is strange how it is running on iPhones very smoothly but on iPad is showing white to death screen!

We had removed all unwanted plugins and re-added a fresh ios platform in our ionic project, and tested the app with and without the --prod flag, but the same result!

Any one have an idea?!

Tested iPad: iPad mini 2 - version 12.4.4
Tested iPhones version 13.x.x

This is the memory status when debugging on iPad with XCode.

Experiencing the same, ion-slides not always smooth. Swiping to next slide is a little bit sluggish