Ion-slides initialSlide not working with ng-repeat

Just started having a small test with <ion-slides> and ng-repeat on <ion-slide-page>.

Apparently, when you specify an initialSlide on the options object, it won’t work in conjuction with ng-repeat, instead, the first slide will be shown.

I made a quick fix (and got it working) on ionic.bundle.js here:

I suggest you add it too or find some other way to solve this, or of course, tell me if I had something wrong…

My use-case was to load the slides via ajax on page load, so the solution I made worked for me well, but for use-cases where people constantly change the content inside the slider (i.e add/remove slides or change the ng-repeat collection) it will cause an effect of returning to the initialSlide every time the slider updates… The correct solution should be a way of lazy-loading the slider so that if it’s content is derived from ajax then just after the initial loading it will go to the initial slide.


well done .thank you for this fix