Ion-slides starts at index 0 then swaps to initialSlide slide

I’ve implemented a simple gallery; it consists of a page with a grid of images and when one image is clicked, a modal opens with the slider interface and uses the index of the image clicked as the slider’s initial slide. The issue is that it doesn’t load the slider properly; it starts with the slide at index 0 and afterwards abruptly switches to the slide set as initial. I’ve set up a repo for it; I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this problem or else I’d make an actual issue out of it so…

html for page that calls modal:

            <ion-row wrap>
                <ion-col width-50 *ngFor="let image of imageStorage; let i = index" (click)="openImage(i)">
                    <img  class="thumbs" src="data:image/jpeg;base64,{{ image }}"/>

the openImage() function:

openImage(index: number){
    let popover = this.modalCtrl.create(ImagePopover,{
        imageStorage: this.imageStorage,
        image_index: index

js for the modal:

export class ImagePopover {

    imageStorage : any;
    index: number;
    slideOptions : any;

        public view: ViewController,
        public nav: NavController,
        public params: NavParams
        this.imageStorage = this.params.get("imageStorage")
        this.index = this.params.get("image_index")
        this.slideOptions = {
            initialSlide: this.index,
            loop: true,
            pager: true

and html for the modal:

<ion-slides [options]="slideOptions">
	<ion-slide *ngFor="let image of imageStorage">
		<img class="centered" src="data:image/jpeg;base64,{{ image }}/>

<ion-fab bottom center>
	<button primary ion-fab (click)="close()"><ion-icon name="close"></ion-icon></button>
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<ion-slides [options]=“slideOptions”>
‘slideOptions’ gives error…it also not working properly for me…

Is stil not working on last version, more info: