Ion-slides Help

I developed the following strucuture:

    <ion-slides #mySlider>
        <ion-slide *ngFor="let product1 of products_news" (click)="chamaProduto(product1)">
            <div class="products">
                <ion-card-content class="content">
                    <ion-card class="detail-product">
                        <div class="image-product">
                            <img src="{{product1.IMAGEM}}"/>
                        <div class="descricao">
                                <p class="name-product">{{product1.DESCRICAO}}</p>

                            <div *ngIf="product1.PRECOPROMOCAO != '0,00'">
                                <p class="oldprice-product">R$ {{product1.PRECO}}</p>
                                <p class="newprice-product">R$ {{product1.PRECOPROMOCAO}}</p>

                            <div *ngIf="product1.PRECOPROMOCAO == '0,00'">
                                <p class="actualprice-descricao">R$ {{product1.PRECO}}</p>


I changed the width of ion-slide:
ion-slide {width:160px !important;}

But i have a big problem, when i reached the last slide, it dissapear all

I noticed that ion-slide element has the following attribute ‘style: width: 336px’, if i changed here, changes all slides