Ion-slides all slide are removed



I am using a ion-slides component like this.

	<ion-slides #mySlider effect="slide" (ionSlideDidChange)="slideDidChange()">
        <ion-slide *ngFor="let c of cards;">
                    <ion-row no-padding>
                            <icon-chip item-left></icon-chip>
                            <ion-thumbnail item-right class="thumbnail">
                                <img [src]="c.thumbnail"/>

                    <h1 class="last-digits">**** {{ c.lastDigits }}</h1>
                    <h1 class="card-holder-name">{{ c.cardHolderName }}</h1>
                    <div class="rectangle-border-bottom-right">
                        <ion-icon name="star" class="star star-color" [class.default-card]="c.isDefault"></ion-icon>
                        <div class="triangle-topleft"></div>

When I want to remove a card, I use the next code. = => p.cardId !== pm.cardId);

But when I select the last card to remove, all cards are removed.

[{cardId: card1} , {cardId: card2}, {cardId: card3}] = => p.cardId !== pm.cardId); //Where pm.cardId === card3

so, we have: = [{cardId: card1} , {cardId: card2}]

but all card are removed from screen.

help me please!