Ion slider shows horizontal grey scroll bar


I have implemented ion-scroll to slide ion-segment in one of my application. It is working fine in android and IOS. However in Iphone, it is showing horizontal grey scroll bar. I tried all available solutions on internet but none of them worked.

Below is my implemented code.

<ion-scroll #scroll scrollX="true">
     <ion-segment [(ngModel)]="MenuCategoryId">
          <ion-segment-button id="segment{{i}}" *ngFor="let rm of MenuCategoryList; let i=index"  value="{{rm.CategoryId}}" (ionSelect)="getSelectedCategory($event,rm.CategoryId, i)">
     <div id='indicator' class="SwipedTabs-indicatorSegment" [ngStyle]="{'width.%': (100/totalCategory)}"></div>

I have applied this css to hide horizontal grey scroll bar, but it is not working in iPhone.

 *::-webkit-scrollbar {
   display: none;

Please help me in this issue, as I am stuck on this.