Can't hide scroll bar

I use ion-segment with scrollable attribute but horizontal scrollbar not hidden.
note: I want to keep the scroll function.

I tried the following css, not working.

::-webkit-scrollbar, *::-webkit-scrollbar {
   display: none !important;
   overflow: hidden !important;

My code:

<ion-segment scrollable="true" #typeSegment>
    <ion-segment-button value="all">
      <ion-label>Tümünü Göster</ion-label>
    <ion-segment-button value="online">
      <ion-label>Sadece Çevrimiçi</ion-label>
    <ion-segment-button value="point">
      <ion-label>Puana Göre</ion-label>

this only applies to ios.

I think that iOS version of 13 and higher doesn’t show horizontal scrollbar. Can you confirm that?

Unfortunately it looks.

Safari mobile does not allow this.

Are u fixed above issue