Ion-side-menus based app navigation woes

My app is closely based on the sidemenu example. Login is handled differently, but everything else is very close with some additional parts on one view like a refresher and slide menu on list items, etc.

I need some help understanding what is causing the behavior, and some ideas on how to resolve it. Is this a matter of $state and parent/child relationships that I’m not following? If so, is there a way to command the nav bar functionality to act the way I want with the slightly different structure? Should I not be using state.go to transition from the login state?

I’ve tried a few things, but nothing has corrected it, and some have made things worse. If the ion-side-menus directives are not meant to accomplish this, let me know and I’ll start looking at a more manual solution than this packaged set of ionic functionality.

First, the problematic symptom:

  1. Tap nav-icon in upper left to to to Menu from Home view (a list of items)
  2. Menu opens from left
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Settings view opens (with nav-icon), menu closes
  5. Tap nav-icon to bring up menu
  6. Tap Home
  7. Menu closes, Home View slides in from the right changing the nav-icon to a Back chevron which goes back to Settings (its as though the Home view were a detail view from a list item)

What I want to happen is exactly the opposite. If I tap on Settings in the menu, that view opens with a back button to Home. Home is my primary View, not Settings. I do realize this is not exactly the same as the sidemenu example - and I’d be willing to just have my app do that as something “better” than what it does now.

The things that are different from the sidemenu starter app:

We have a default route that is /login. It is an ion-view, but is not part of the app abstract state. The sequence for the app is:

  1. open app, to /login (ion-view with no nav bar)
  2. add credentials, pass login
  3. $state.go(app.home) view
  4. At this point The Home list view shows, and the problem sequence above can be started.