Ion-select inside list


I am using ion-select inside ion-list where each item has a select option. When i want to change the value using select option of one item then it automatically changes the value of items in whole list. I believe, i will have to limit the scope of ion-select inside one item only but not sure what will be the right way to handle that. Here is my code snippet:

HTML Code:

<ion-card card-bcg *ngFor="let item of items | async">
    <input type="hidden" [(ngModel)]="item.$key" />
      <ion-item no-margin  background-size item-bcg text-wrap *ngIf="role=='admin' || role=='teacher'" (tap)="goToItemProfile(item)">
        <ion-avatar item-left>
          <img [src]="item?.profilepic">
        <h2 item-title>{{item?.displayName}}</h2>
        <ion-label>Select options</ion-label>
        <ion-select [(ngModel)]="attendance" (ionChange)="onChange(attendance, item)">
          <ion-option value="present">Present</ion-option>
          <ion-option value="absent">Absent</ion-option>

Here is the onChange Code:

onChange(attendance, item) {
    this.key = item.$key;
    this.attendancedetails = this.db.object('/attendance/' + this.key);
    this.presentOn = this.db.list('/attendance/' + this.key + '/presentOn');

    var presentOnUpdate = {
      attendance: this.attendance,
      date: firebase.database['ServerValue']['TIMESTAMP'],
      markedBy: this.userData.uid,
      markerName: this.displayName
    this.presentOn.push(presentOnUpdate).then(data => {

Please suggest the right way to handle this issue…

Can someone please help?

You only have one attendance variable all items? Why isn’t it something like item.willAttend: boolean ?

Attendance is being stored in a separate class hence i am just capturing the item id and storing attendance against that id in separate class.

Why isn’t that the cause of the problem?

Do you suggest to store it within the same class? Would it resolve the issue?

It looks as though your ngModel is changing the same variable no matter what you click. If your ngModel was set to item.attendance or something like that, you might have a different problem, but it wouldn’t be this one.

Though i am still making some changes in my code but looks like your logic is absolutely correct. Thanks a ton mate.