Using ion-toggle inside ion-list

Hello all, I am currently writing my first ionic app. I am trying to use a toggle inside a list and not quite achieving the goal I need.
This block functions perfectly, but toggling one item in the list toggles ALL items in the list - even though it only executes the change function for the toggled item.

        <ion-item ng-repeat="product in products" class="item item-thumbnail-left item-toggle">
            <img ng-src="{{vm.setimage(product.logo_url)}}" />
            <p>Case Price: ${{product.cost}}</p>
            <label class="toggle toggle-positive">
                <input type="checkbox" ng-model="vm.newToggleObject.toggle" ng-change="vm.set_toggle(vm.newToggleObject,"  />
                <div class="track">
                    <div class="handle"></div>

If I wrap the toggle element in an ion-toggle tag it visually looks okay and responds but doesn’t actually trigger any functions.
I thought I had understood the docs and examples correctly but obviously not. What is the correct way to implement toggles inside an ion-list so they act independently?