Ion-select behave like web browser <select>

I am writing an application that is to work on the web browser (even on desktops) along with mobile devices. I would like to use ion-item to lay my items out as I like the way it integrates with everything. However, even with

<select item-content …

I cannot get the same behavior as the other ion-input or ion-select control. I would use ion-select except i don’t want the popover type effect… I want the dropdown like a normal element would give.

Is there a way to do this?

Isn’t the popover style at least so close to a normal select that it would suit your purpose?

No, this isn’t desired. We would like the normal dropdown behavior on desktop web browsers.

Then you need to use a normal <select> element I would imagine.

Yes, and I can do that… I was hoping for a easy way to “hook” it into ion-item so I get all the effects of the other ion-* controls

Ya, I mean, you could possibly write your own css to change the ion-select look and feel unitl it behaves like a regular select, but that seems like a lot of work.

What “effects” are you looking for? I’d imagine you could come up with a directive or something that would apply the same effects to a regular select?

that’s my plan to add a directive that can be added to the regular select to add the styling (apply the right style for the platform) handle the interaction with ion-label in stacked, floating and regular modes, highlight the label when focus is on the element, etc.