<ion-select> and Form Builder

Hey all,

I cant seem to get my FormBuilder to work with ionSelect. Here is my code:

      <form [formGroup]="newNoteForm" (ngSubmit)="onNoteFormSubmit()" *ngIf="isEditing">

          <ion-input class="bg-white mb-2" formControlName="title" placeholder="Enter note title..."></ion-input>

          <ion-select class="bg-white" fromControlName="type" placeholder="Note type">
            <ion-select-option value='note'>Note</ion-select-option>
            <ion-select-option value='goal'>Goal</ion-select-option>
            <ion-select-option value='todo'>To Do</ion-select-option>

    this.newNoteForm = this.formBuilder.group({
      title: ['', Validators.compose([Validators.required])],
      description: ['', Validators.compose([Validators.required])],
      type: ['note', null],

However when I select a different option it is not updating the ‘type’ value on the form.

Hi, verify this fromControlName, the real property is formControlName


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Perfect! Thank you. That solved my issue.