Ion-segment with slide: Auto-scroll issue

Hi folks,
I have a ion-segment snippet in details.html as below:

<ion-segment (ionChange)="onSegmentChanged()" [(ngModel)]="segmentSelected" color="primary" id="ion-segment">
    <ion-segment-button value="segment1">Segment 1</ion-segment-button>
    <ion-segment-button value="segment2">Segment 2</ion-segment-button>
    <ion-segment-button value="segment3">Segment 3</ion-segment-button>
    <ion-segment-button value="segment4">Segment 4</ion-segment-button>
    <ion-segment-button value="segment5">Segment 5</ion-segment-button>

followed by:

  <ion-slides #detailsSlider [initialSlide]="initialSlide" (ionSlideDidChange)="onSlideChanged($event)">
  <!--Slides -->

This page is shown on click of a push notification by calling:

      { page: 'Dashboard' },
        page: 'Details',
        params: {
          segmentId: 4

It works fine with the Segment 5 being highlighted and the correct details being displayed.

But I am facing issues when another notification is clicked while on the details page.
On click of the second notification, although the segment 5 is highlighted and the correct details are shown, the scroll has slide to the first segment and making Segment 1 in focus.

Note: This occurs only when the notification is clicked on the details page.

Hi, did you solve this?