Ion-scroll within ion-content issue on Android

Hi All,

I had thought I found a perfect solution to my problem of having a part of my view scrollable and another part not (outside of the header). I basically put an <ion-scroll> within a <ion-content scroll="false"> (notice the scroll=“false”). I did this because I want a textbox and button to live at the top of the view but below the header, and at the same time not scroll. Then, I have a list below the form that does scroll.

The above recipe works perfectly when testing locally within the browser, however when I deploy to my Android device, the list within the ion-scroll does not actually scroll.

Any ideas?

did you set a fixed height to the ion-scroll?

But keep in mind --> you can define a sub-headerbar:
Put another header-bar under your header-bar and add the css-class “bar-subheader”

I did not set a fix height. Perhaps that is the key to making this work?

Either way, I ended up doing what you said and used a subheader.


yeah the fixed height is it :smile:
but the subheader is maybe a better and “cleaner” way for your purposes