Ion-range is not clickable in iOS?

Hi all,
I’m having a bit of a struggle with this one, as it’s working in my android build, but not on iOS.
I have an audio player in my app, that displays the location of where the audio file is up to playing via an “ion-range”. This works fine and is updated correctly.
What I’m trying to do, is make it so I can click on the ion-range bar, and have the audio play-head skip to that location and continue playing the audio at the new play point.
This works on Android, but no on my iOS device.

      <ion-range min="0" max="100" tappable #seeker (on-tap)="positionPress($event, seeker.value)" (click)="positionPress($event, seeker.value)" [(ngModel)]="positionbar"> <!--  [disabled]="is_in_play && is_playing"  -->
        <ion-label range-left>{{ position*1000 | date:'mm:ss' }}</ion-label>
      <!--  <ion-label range-left>{{ positionbar*1000 | date:'mm:ss' }}</ion-label> -->
        <ion-label range-right *ngIf="duration == -1" >--:--</ion-label>
        <ion-label range-right *ngIf="duration != -1">{{ duration*1000 | date:'mm:ss' }}</ion-label>

As you can see, I’ve tried (also) adding tapper and (on-tap)=“positionPress($event, seeker.value)”, but these two methods haven’t worked.
What it’s meant to do, is call this function:

  positionPress(ev: any, seeker)
    console.log ('Steve touched the bar:', ev);
    var audiofileplayer = this.globalsvals.AudioFile;
    var positionbar = this.position;
    var self = this;
    var newTime = (seeker * audiofileplayer.duration) / 100;
    audiofileplayer.currentTime = newTime;

But, in iOS, it doesn’t get this this function.

I’m currently on ionic 4, using Angluar.

After not having an answer of this for so long, I have just seen this here now, which provided my answer:

ionBlur is the key.

<ion-range min=“0” max=“100” #seeker (ionBlur)=“positionPress($event, seeker.value)” [(ngModel)]=“positionbar”>

Not (click)

(on-tap)=“positionPress($event, seeker.value)” (click)=“positionPress($event, seeker.value)”