"ion-radio-buttons" in the Ionic Weather app

I was trying to understand how the Ionic Weather app was created and I found “ion-radio-buttons” in the settings.html template.
I googled around and found nothing about it. What is available as a directive is see here. I have spent sometime trying to figure out if it is a mistake or a directive that was not document. Especially as nothing happens when the different units are clicked.

Kindly point me in the right direction/.

The Weather app was just a quick example. so not all the features were implemented 100%.

Fair explanation. Are you suggesting “ion-radio-buttons” might be a mistake not a directive?

No no, ah alright I reread what you were asking. You just want documentation on ion-radio?


I know the ion-radio directive exist. But I found “ion-radio-buttons” in the weather app. So I want to know if its a mistake or a special directive.

What do you think?

Old topic, but i found it while looking into this example apps. So, what is “ion-radio-buttons” ? Still no real answer.

In documentation, there’s “ion-radio”, there’s “button”, but there’s no “ion-radio-buttons”. On top of that, using ng-value on a button seems to have no effect.