Where are ionic directive documented?

There is a tutorial for creating directives in ionic which says:

Ionic provides a range of directives by default that you can drop into your application and get a pretty slick looking interface almost instantly. This includes things like lists, inputs, prompts and so on.

I wonder if there is any specific documentation for ionic directives, or are they simply ionic components?

@joshmorony who wrote that is a relatively frequent poster here, and perhaps would be best qualified to comment.

The terminology can be a bit confusing, and sometimes the words are used incorrectly for simplicity sake. We have @Component and @Directive but both of these are actually just “directives”, a component is just a special type of directive that has a template.

What you find in the Ionic documentation are all directives, and some of those directives are components because they have a template. If you look through the actual source code for Ionic you will find that most of these “components” actually use the @Directive decorator, not @Component.