Ion-option not binding to ion-select

I’m completely new in ionic and I cannot understand why after I select another ion-option from my ion-select array it’s getting unchecked? Here is my code:

  <ion-card-content *ngFor="let filter of filters" class="card-wrapper">
    <ion-item class="checkbox-item">
      <ion-label> {{}}</ion-label>
      <ion-checkbox item-right [(ngModel)]="filter.checked"></ion-checkbox>
     <ion-select [(ngModel)]="option">
      <ion-option *ngFor="let option of" [value]="">{{}}</ion-option>

This is how it looks when I select first option - everything is ok.

Then I’m selecting option from another ion-select and then selected option from first ion-select disappears

Could someone tell me what am I doing wrong?

@andziaoo7 Were you able to solve this issue?
I am getting the same error.