Ionic 4 ngFor not updating after an item gets removed


I have the following html:

    <ion-label position="floating">Choose one...</ion-label>
    <ion-select cancel-text="Cancel" name="selectedPest" [(ngModel)]="selectedPest"
      <ion-select-option *ngFor="let selectable of selectablePests" value="{{}}">{{}}</ion-select-option>

and the following ts

pestSelected() {
    this.selectablePests = this.selectablePests.filter(pest => {
      return +this.selectedPest !==;

The issue is that the options are not refreshed when I remove items from the array.
If I put a console.log after the filter, the array has the correct items, but the options are still there even if I removed them.

If I do

pestSelected() {
    this.selectablePests.push({id: 999, name: 'test'});

The new item is present in the select options.

Am I missing something?