[List View] About button positioning



I’m trying to put buttons to my list items. I’m following this example:

Item Buttons Example

The problem occurs when I try to put two buttons. These buttons position in the same place rather than being next to each other. Is there a workaround for this?


List item with multiple buttons

Hey @arlbozoluk. I just pushed support for multiple buttons in the list item button-right. Try master and you can use this:

<div class="item item-button-right">
  Call Ma
  <div class="buttons">
    <button class="button button-positive">
      <i class="icon ion-ios7-telephone"></i>
    <button class="button button-positive">
      <i class="icon ion-ios7-camera"></i>


How can I align vertically if I have h2 and p (title and subtitle) for the item ?


This works great UNLESS there are ion-option-buttons in that ion-item. Then the buttons are off. Any suggestion on how to fix this?