Ion Navigation with States issue. Child not populating parent view

Hi All,

I am working on a navigation system for my application for mobile devices. I have created a home page which you can click “Login” or “Register” which will navigate to those child pages/views to show forms respectively. If I define the state as a child, nothing works, it I define the login state as a sibling, it works fine but of course I will lose the back button functionality I am looking for.

I have migrated the code to a Codepen sample below if anyone can solve the problem I am having. In the codepen you will see I also have a ui-sref=“home.login”, I have also tried ui-sref=“login” with no luck in the link.

See the Pen klozp by tpennetta(@tpennetta) on CodePen.


Also… how can I embed my Copepen here? I dont see an option to insert HTML into question.