Ion-nav-view and ion-tabs


It’s easier to illustrate in a Codepen instead of copying and pasting lots of code, so please see:

Basically, I am attempting to put a nav bar on the tabs page of my app. But I cannot work out how? I don’t want a nav bar on every page of my app, so I’ve excluded one from the main ion-nav-view in the body tag, to avoid this.

I have my main ion-nav-view which displays the views; which works fine. I then navigate to #/tabs/tickets and I would like a nav bar on this, but I cannot work out how to place one?

If I put one on my main ion-nav-view in the root body tag, it messes up the nav bar for the register/login page.

Any ideas?



You can add the nav bar to the specific template of your view see to see if it helps.


Thank you - I don’t think this will achieve what I need though. If you look at the Codepen, my navigate between register/login is lost? No idea why.


What do you mean exactly?