Ion-Nav-Bar on top of Ion Sidemenu

Hey guys,

I’m new to Ionic but I’m really loving it. I created a new project sidemenu that Ionic gives as a template. There is a ion-nav-bar and a sidemenu with multiple options. I am trying to put it so the ion-nav-bar is always on top of the sidemenu. Do you know how I can do that?

[EDIT] I’m really sorry guys, I confused the nav-bar with the header. Already edited the title and post.

There is an ion-header-bar. Maybe you can use this:

If that won’t work you can do it via custom CSS. Just write your own div with an class or id, and set the position to absolute and top to 0. But that’s maybe not the elegant way. If you use this, the custom div needs to be in the ion-content section of the side-menu.

Hope that will help you, but quite sure that there are many other ways.