Ion-menu : Cannot read property 'classList' of undefined

I have a base layout template that I use for most of the pages of my app


	<ion-page :data-simulating="(isGameSimulating) ? 'yes' : 'no'" id="main-content">
			<slot />

		<ion-segment slot="bottom" id="FooterMenu" :value="pageId">
			<ion-segment-button @click="gotoPage('athletes')" :dataselected="(pageId == 'athletes') ? true : false" value="athletes">
				<ion-icon :icon="people"></ion-icon>
			<ion-segment-button @click="gotoPage('training')" :dataselected="(pageId == 'training') ? true : false" value="training">
				<ion-icon :icon="podium"></ion-icon>
			<ion-segment-button @click="gotoPage('lobby')" :dataselected="(pageId == 'lobby') ? true : false" value="lobby">
				<ion-icon :icon="home"></ion-icon>
			<ion-segment-button @click="gotoPage('scouting')" :dataselected="(pageId == 'scouting') ? true : false" value="scouting">
				<ion-icon :icon="eye">
			<ion-segment-button @click="gotoPage('calendar')" :dataselected="(pageId == 'calendar') ? true : false" value="calendar">
				<ion-icon :icon="calendar"></ion-icon>


I use a ion-segment to navigate through pages, it works perfectly.

But if I add a ion-menu component at the top of my template (even an empty ion-menu)

<ion-menu side="start" menu-id="first" content-id="main-content"></ion-menu>

I get the following error every time I try to navigate to a page I have previously visited :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'classList' of undefined
    at eval (index.esm.js?d867:1088)

The error comes from ionic/vue on this line of code

requestAnimationFrame(() => enteringEl.classList.remove('ion-page-invisible'));

I can’t see how you’ve added ion-menu to your project in the above code. Here is the doc for sidemenu. Check your semantics. ion-menu: Ionic Framework API Docs

And see how it is done in the sidemenu starter: starters/App.vue at fbf471ab8132b328cdf88c9273755bd15a9c6d57 · ionic-team/starters · GitHub

I’m also facing the same issue.

Have you solve the problem? If solved, can you kindly suggest to solve.

Ionic Version: 6.0.0
Vue Version: 3.2.21


Thanks in advanced.