Ion-app and ion-page

using ionic with VueJS#, I am having a BaseLayout with the following code:


I am seeing this error with that code, when I navigate through my tabs (my code is based on the VueJS tabs demo, I just added a BaseLayout component on top of them)

`Cannot read property 'classList' of undefined`

It seems that if I remove either `ion-app` or `ion-page` then it works fine from the BaseLayout.
Is there any conflict between both? Shall we use only one?

Further down the line, I need to user the lifecycle to run API on `ionWillEnter` event, which is of `ion-app` or `ion-page` is then recommended?

@chrisvidal0 Did you find a solution to this? I’m facing the same issue

nope, I didn’t.

It’s so confusing as the where the ion-page, ion-menu have to be used to work, none of the combinations I’m trying is working so far. In the docs they sometimes use id=“main-content”, but it’s also unclear onto which component this has to be added, very frustrating!