Ion-list with 200 entry scroll bug on iOS


I have a mistake when I load a long list in a ion-modal using ion list, here is the sample code:

        <ion-list radio-group padding-left padding-right>
            <ion-item *ngFor="let l of list">
                <ion-radio [value]="l[key]" (click)="select(l)" [checked]="l[key] == initialSelect"></ion-radio>

Data is an object with 200 rows (country lists) in this format :
{id: number, country: string, nationality: string}

You can see the bug in action here google drive video

It is only on iOS, but not on Android where is it working well.

Thanks for answers,

I have no access to the Drive Video

Link edited, thanks :slight_smile:

200 sounds like a big enough number to me that I would invest the time in looking at virtual scroll.

It’s working, thanks a lot